There is a LRMCC meeting every month in Luncarty Church Centre. The meeting usually takes place at 7.30pm on the 4th Tuesday of each month (excluding July and December) however, please check the date each month on the Agenda in case we have rescheduled the meeting.

All residents are welcome to attend and to take part in the often lively discussion.

If there is something specific you'd like to raise, please contact the Secretary beforehand so that the item can be added to the Agenda. The Agenda is posted on this site before each meeting.

LRMCC Objectives

  • to determine, coordinate and reflect the views of our
        community and to fairly express the diversity of
        opinions and outlooks of the people;

  • to express the views of the community to the local
        authority for the area, to public authorities, statutory
        bodies and other organisations;

  • to liaise with other community groups within the

  • to take practicable and appropriate action in the
        interests of the community;

  • to work with responsible authorities to promote the
        well being of the community and to foster a
        community spirit;

  • to provide a platform for the community to voice
        their opinions on any matter affecting its
        development and amenities on their lives and their

  •  to raise funding for projects and activities which will
         benefit the community.

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